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labels Coloured/printed

The most important branch in our production is high-quality self adhesive coloured labels printing. Our machines allow us to print with the use of 8-colours and UV coating upgrading. We can use any Pantone colour or replicate it with the use of primary CMYK colours during print. This process helps to decrease the costs of printed labels. Thanks to professional, advanced colour profiles, purpose-built for our machines, your labels will look just like you expected. Depending on requirements, we prepare prints with both UV paints and watercolours. The flexo print method also allows us to print many glue-free materials such as nylon, satin or Tyvek®. The printing speed, which is about 150 m/min, allows us to print at quantity of labels required by the Customer, all while preserving the highest quality standards of prepared products. This helps us meet all qualitative and technological demands of such branches like food, chemical, furniture and textile industry. We also have more than 400 blanking dies at our Clients’ disposal, that can be used free of charge when printing your projects. This is another element that increases the speed of printing labels and contributes greatly to lowering the final costs.

White/logistic labels and thermal transfer ribbons

n our offer we also have white and logistic labels, used in thermal as well as thermal transfer (with thermal transfer ribbons) printing. We work with the best suppliers (Avery, UPM Raftatac, Ritrama) and therefore can offer labels on every material with the use of special adhesives (deep freeze, against high temperatures, ultra-removable, high bond and many more). Thanks to our long experience we can ensure our clients that their labels will be compatible with every type of printers. White labels are prepared on a stamping machine, which is a guarantee of a high quality product with the preservation of all specifications met by the final product. Basing on our experience and demands of our Customers, we are continuosly working on modernising our machines, trying to shorten the deadlines as much as possible. A set of over 400 blanking dies, that is at your disposal at any time, makes fulfilling orders much faster. All of this, makes our Customers sure about timely delivery, quality of delivered product and possibly lowest costs of production.

prints Offset/digital

WITO machines include also machines for digital, offset and large format printing. Such technology allows us to print every type of advertising material of the highest quality possible — from leaflets through catalogues to large-scale prints in the form of banners or wall murals. The machines can print on any type of material (foil, canvas, paper, cloth) up to the width of 2 cm and unlimited length. The advanced technology of plotting allows us to deliver a printout in any shape without using expensive blanking dies, which lowers the costs to the minimum. Thanks to advanced techniques and methods of printing we are able to fully equip your company with printing and advertising materials. Our offer consists of business cards, letterhead paper, invitations, calendars, labels, leaflets, catalogues, posters, banners, tags, magnetic cards and many more. Our creative graphic designers department will definitely prepare an interesting and up-to-date method of promoting your company.

Graphic projects

Our graphic department, in cooperation with the sales department, do their best to the satisfaction of our Clients. ’. They work on well-known and new images of many leading brands. We provide graphic solutions for a wide scale of products. Thanks to our mobile sales and graphic team, we can work together on the project in the client’s heaquarters. A wider recognition of the business profile helps us better respond to your expectations. If you don’t have your project vision, our graphic designers will prepare innovative and creative propositions based on your suggestions and needs. We can also change or upgrade already existing projects, while preserving the traits that are recognised by the clients. We also help to find graphic solutions that make it easier for our clients to achieve a specific marketing effect. We take up challenges of all industrial branches.

Many manufacturers followed our advice and graphic suggestions, and now their brands stand out on shelves in famous chain stores.